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Anchor handling

The Berghem Junior is the latest addition to our fleet of vessels and it is designed specifically for anchor handling and exchange services. It is equipped with the latest technology and features that allow us to provide flexible, on-site service. With this vessel, we can quickly and efficiently handle the movement, installation and removal of anchors, as well as other related services.

  • On-site chain measurement

  • Anchor and chains can be loaded and transported
  • Removal and disposal of old anchor and chain
  • Attaching new anchors and chains


Our ships are outfitted with equipment to handle any salvaging operation. This includes everything from recovering anchors that have been lost, to recovering entire sunken vessels. We use specialized tools such as cranes, winches, and heavy lifting gear to ensure that all salvaging operations are conducted safely and efficiently. Whether it’s a small job or a large one, we have the resources and expertise to get it done.

  • Emergency response for oil spills

  • Sinking or sunken ship recovery
  • Retrieval of lost anchors

Ship repair

With our many years of experience, and with our specialized vessels, we can provide comprehensive ship repair services that are safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

We can provide ship repair services on-board or by water. Our repair services can be carried out while the ship is in port, at sea or even while in a dry dock.

  • Exchanging services of internal and external ship components

  • Lifting of components by crane
  • Delevery and removal of components
  • Ship equipped wth an expansive set of tools for any type of repair job

Providing work vessels

We provide our ships for hire on a short term or long term basis, depending on your needs. Our team can also work with you to plan, coordinate and manage the logistics of your project. With our wide variety of ships and experienced crew, we can help you to complete your job safely, efficiently and on time.

  • Diving operations support

  • Ship repair solutions
  • Ship-side painting operations
  • Tight-space work areas

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Business Information

VAT Number: NL 001 620 994 B24
Trade registry: 24375818

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Home port:
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