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Who are we

Berghem Maritiem

Is a company, which was founded on April 1st, 2005 by Karel van Berghem, after a thorough training from father to son, at K&J van Berghem Diving and Salvaging Company (which was founded in 1933 by his grandfather, Karel van Berghem sr.. And which was continued by his sons; Karel jr, Hans, and Roel).

After a career of 8 years, working as a tugboat captain and crane operator at a Rotterdam shipyard, Karel started renovating his families old work boat, the Berghem 1. Which after major renovations and updates became the perfect tool for many of ship-repairs and salvaging jobs. In later years, Berghem Maritime added a deck barge (Danielle) and two smaller working pontoons (Tim and Sven).

In 2015 an ex-landing craft was purchased and repurposed to be an even better fit for ship for salvaging jobs, ship-repairs, and especially anchor handling jobs. With this ship known as the Berghem Junior and our customer focused no-nonsense mentality, Berghem Maritime is always ready for the job. 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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Business Information

VAT Number: NL 001 620 994 B24
Trade registry: 24375818

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T:  06 - 292 371 02

Home port

Home port:
Waalharbour (Waalhaven), Rotterdam

Ophemertstraat 43
3089 JD, Rotterdam
The Netherlands 

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