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Berghem Maritiem

Salvaging and Maritime Services
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Below you can find different projects that have recently been performed by Berghem Maritiem. Click on the projects for more information.

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Anchors & Chains

Ship Repair


Berghem Junior

Our newest work ship is a former landing craft that has been re-purposed to be a highly flexible working vessel. The ship has been fitted with high-powered winches and a crane that enable it to perform a wide variety of tasks. Additionally the ship also carries a lot of other tools, making it a complete, mobile workshop.

The ship has a living quarters that can house up to 6 people to work, eat, and sleep for an extended period of time. It is also fitted with AIS, GPS, PC Navigo, and a depth meter. Lastly the ship carries a wide range of certifications that allow it to work in harbors with strict regulations on safety and environment.


Berghem 1

The Berghem 1 is our oldest vessel, originally having been build over 100 years ago. Nowadays, this ship however has been completely revamped with not a single nut or bolt being of the original. This versatile working vessel has been fitted with a far-reaching crane, powerful winches and is equipped with all the tools you can need for a project.

The Berghem 1 is now available for sale. The ship has a new communautair  certificate that is valid until 2026 and an ADN certificate until 2024. The sale of the ship is handled by De Bot Schip Brokers. For more information, click here.


Supporting barges

Next to our working vessels, we also operate with one deck barge (Danielle) and two work rafts (Tim & Sven). The deck barge can load up to 38 tons and is certified to enter the petroleum harbors. The barge is also fitted with a push bow, removable railing and navigation lighting.

The work rafts are smaller vessels which weigh 1120 kg each and can be lifted by their certified lifting eyes. The vessels are equipped with removable railings with plastic coated steal wires. Lifebuoy and fire extinguishers are also included.


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